Being Cheap

So, turns out I’m a bit cheap.

I’ve just gotten myself a  new job which I’m quite excited about. After years of making coffees and working as a waitress, I am finally stepping up to the world of retail. How grown up am I?

As I venture into the sparkly new realm, I’m learning quite a lot of new things. Number one, despite the doorstop thick rule book I was handed as part of my orientation and told to memorize, the majority of these rules seem to be ignored by the majority of employees. Number two, when you work in retail, you must learn to lip read. While I love music as much as the next person, when its being blasted at top volume it does have the tendency to make conversation with a person a wee bit difficult. And chatting to people has it would seen, become one of the requirements of the job.

Which brings me to number three. I’m learning quickly what a massive scrooge I really am.

You’ve probably noticed that employees in shops that sell clothes tend to wear the clothes of that brand. This is, i was told, not at all compulsory, but it is encouraged. You should have “the look”. I understand of course. We’re not just employed to smile and work a register. There is the secondary notion of becoming a walking mannequin.

So anyway, I went into this shop with the intention of buying some clothes I could wear while working. I found a dress, a cardigan and a pair of shorts that I liked, tried them on, and then discovered that buying these three items was going to cost me about one hundred dollars in total.

What? Bullshit!

So, I left without the items, but made tracks for the nearest chain super store. I found another dress, another pair of shirts, and yep, another cardigan, that looked pretty much identical to the ones my new work stocks, and bought all three for about fifty bucks.

Hey. I’m still getting “the look” right? And I’m not contradicting the whole point of myself getting this new job in the first place, because I NEED MOOONEY.

Still, it’s bit sad.

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