Farewell my friend…

The diagnosis is simple. You haven’t got much time left.

For a while now, my dear beloved MacBook has been coming to a steady decline. I’ve been assured by all manner of tech heads that it’s just a matter of time now. Maybe we could save it, but would that be the kind thing to do?

It’s time to start letting go.

The decline of my beloved MacBook is not something I’m taking lightly. It’s the first computer i’ve ever called my own. Beyond being really pretty and shiny and easy to use, this computer means more. It’s been with me all through my teen years, for five years since I was thirteen years old.

This computer typed out every school assignment, wrote every email, recorded every song. We surfed the web together, we discovered each others flaws and strengths. We discovered music, people, the online community. Through my teen years this computer has been more then just a handy device. It’s been a constant companion and friend.

And soon, it will be no more.

Beyond the large crack in the keyboard, the temperamental screen, the tendency to restart itself and wipe whatever it was I was doing, the key that sometimes gets stuck, and the inability to launch a university application or do my taxes online due to incompatible software, I love my MacBook and am sad to see it go.

As if to just add lemon juice to the already bitter cut, my dear MacBook’s replacement… is going to be a PC.

We have a few more months together dear friend. Lets make the most of it.

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