Time for a change

I have a theory. And it involves a two part story.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already, but my life’s ambition is to be a writer. Due to it being an ambition, i am doubting somewhat that it’s actually going to happen, but due to various reasons, I figure I might as well try.

Anyway, I’ve been attempting lately to write more, but with limited success. They all say the same thing: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE AAAAUUUGGGGHHH but I’m having a little difficulty with that.

I think the main reason is because I have exams in two weeks and should be studying. That’s going about as well as a dying fish.

The other reason is I’m having trouble finding the words. The stories aren’t a problem. The stories are all there, it’s just finding ways to spew them out onto paper that’s difficult.



No ones looked at this blog since the 20th of September. And I think that may have been me by mistake. I’m pretty sure I know the reasons why.

Number one- clearly I am a massive cynic. Doesn’t make for great reading.

Number two- this is how I write this blog. I sit down, type out whatever happens to be in my head at the time, and hit publish. Maybe if i feel like it’s i’ll read back and correct spelling and what not, but that’s it.

I’m disappointed, because I feel like I could do better. If I thought about what I wanted to say, and took some time finding the right words, then this blog could be (i think) quite good.



To be a better writer, I think i need to refine my own voice first. So what i’ve decided to do is put the stories I’m trying to write temporarily on hold, and concentrate on writing this blog. For practice, but also to see if I really can improve the quality with a bit more time and effort.

Who knows if anything will come of it. I hope so. Anything I can do to be a better writer and get these stories out of my head, i’ll do it.

May take some time though. After all, i still have those exams heh heh heh…

Six weeks to go, then I’m officially free.

Expect greatness to come! Watch this space…


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