Something Rather Horrible

Both times people my age that I knew have died, I have found out over facebook.

And not because someone told me, because I read the posts people put up and connected the dots.

It’s a really, really horrible way to find out someone’s died, by piecing together the clues on a news feed.

One year ago, a girl I had seen just the day before died in a car accident. I found out because when I got home from school, all her friends were posting messages on her wall, wishing her to rest in peace and saying goodbye.

Yesterday, i logged on in the evning, and the same thing had happened. A boy i used to go to school with had died in a car accident.


I don’t believe in god, and I don’t believe in fate and all that stuff. But what I find fascinating in the world is patterns and numbers and coincidences. The horrible coincidence in this case is that two people I was not close to but that I did know, who were both the same age as me, both died around the same time of year, and both died in car accidents, and both times I found out over facebook.

Tell me that isn’t horrible.


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