So that’s how it is then…

Right, school’s over.


Now what?

Well, tonight I’m getting ready to go out. I want to celebrate this milestone of my life by hitting up the town, making it a night to remember. A few things are beginning to surface however, as I do.

Number one, i’m really going to miss my school uniform.

Seriously, I have no fucking clothes! My jumble of hoodies, jeans and t-shirts and lying on my bed as I survey the depressing situation that is my wardrobe. Up until now, that’s been all I needed. But now i’m an adult. I want to go to adulty places. So tonight, i’m decked out in my school pants and school shoes and the top that looked like it could pass for dressy casual.

Maybe it’s just because I massively failed as a teenager, but suddenly i’m going to have to learn how to dress myself. Damn it.

Number two, and this i was expecting but it still kind of sucks.

As I get dressed to go out, the depressing reality is dawning upon me that I am going out alone. Because now that school is over, i have not friends.

By the amount of bitching about my friends that I did on this blog you can probably tell that we weren’t close. What really sucks though is that I don’t really have any friends outside of school, so now i’m facing the reality that “shit. I have to actually work out ways to meet people.” As a massive cynic and general introvert, this is going to be tricky.

So there we go. High school is over and life is beginning. So far, all i’ve learnt is that people suck, and I need to go shopping.

Maybe i’ll just stay at home.


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