This is a few days late but…


Happy birthday to me… yeah whatever. So far it’s been pretty dull.

I haven’t really done much “adulty” stuff. So far, the most significant things are that my enrollment to vote, and my RSA and RCg certificates are finally legit.

Oh, and i got drunk on Saturday night.

I think seventeen year old me was right. Alcohol is really stupid. It doesn’t taste nice, and it makes you into an idiot. As a teenager, i can proudly claim that I never got drunk. I sampled alcohol in various forms and developed a general dislike for it, but never got hammered. Obviously, I’m a nerd after all. That’s just not my style. I think it’s more fun to point and laugh at drunk people then to be one of them.

But anyway. Saturday night was mine and a friends joint eighteenth party, and i thought “bugger it. I can legally do this now, let’s just try it.”

Big mistake.

The night began with intent to get hammered. And get hammered we did! I drank two cruisers, half a bottle of champagne, then got stuck into some orange flavored vodka crap.

I think that’s where things started to go wrong. The champagne and cruisers weren’t too bad. I could form a coherent sentence, walk in a reasonably straight line, and was able to chat to a friend on the phone about my idea to buy a pig and hide it under my bed, so no one would ever know…

The vodka really set me off. Suddenly, staying upright became a mighty challenge. I remember crying to a friend about a guy i had a crush on, swearing vehemently at another guy, calling him all manner of expletives, making a new best friend whose name i can’t remember, then eventually vomiting and passing out.

So in other words, I am a drunken cliché.

However, i also remember being really, really scared. I remembered honestly believing this one girl was going to kill me, and being completely horrified when i discovered my legs weren’t working well enough to run away. Then, after vomiting and before passing out, i remember shaking like a leaf and not knowing where I was, and being absolutely certain I was going to die.

I woke up at five o-clock the next morning, and (still tipsy) wandered off to watch the sun rise. It was about seven o-clock when i began to feel violently ill. And thus the Sunday hangover began. That wasn’t too bad. I actually went home and slept for eighteen hours, then got up and went to school.

Still, now that i’ve done it i WILL NEVER be doing it again.

Being an adult is really cool, but I think alcohol isn’t for me. The fact that I become such an asshole when I’m drunk and feel so violently ill as a result is reason enough to avoid from now on.

BTW, i don’t care if you drink, it’s a personal choice. I’m not going to tell you not to, or tell anyone not to. I just don’t want to do it. I never did, and now that I have, i won’t do it again.


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