A bone to pick

Two posts in one day. I’m on a roll.

I have a bone to pick.

I drive an automatic car. It’s a really nice car, i’ve become quite attached to it. However I really fucking hate it when I see people (and this has become a bit of a thing on facebook) making the comment that “Not driving an automatic car because I’m not an uncoordinated retard” or something along those lines. At first I thought it was funny, but now it’s spilling out into real life and now I’m starting to take offense.

I can feel someone out there rolling their eyes and thinking I’m bitter because I can’t drive manual. This is not the case. I CAN drive manual, but I chose to drive an automatic because it’s easier, and because the best and cheapest car I could get was an automatic car.

Driving an automatic car is easy. You push one pedal, you go. You push another one, you stop. You don’t have to fuck around with the clutch or with gears. It really makes me laugh how the cultural norm has become to do everything as easily as possible with minimum effort, and yet it’s taking the easy way out when you’re driving that makes you stupid.

It’s like this unnecessary elitist thing which is just fucking stupid. You drive to get from point A to point B faster then walking. That’s it. That is the point of driving, the primary, fundamental point. Driving an automatic doesn’t make you less of a driver then driving a manual, it just makes it a fucking shit load easier to do and comes up with the same result- you get from one point, to another.


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