Fingernails disgust me

There’s a pet peeve i’d like to talk to you about today.


Specifically long fingernails.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not ‘decorated’ fingernails i have a problem with. Women (and men) who go to salons and spend stupid amounts of money getting their nails painted and filed and have bits of stuff stuck to them- that’s their business. Good luck to them.

NO. It’s long fingernails that disgust me. (Though on that point, what is the appeal of having just the very tips of your long, fake nails painted and leaving the rest natural? It looks like you have dirt smeared under the tips of your nails. Sparkly blue dirt. But dirt all the same. What is the appeal?).

When it comes to unpicking a stubborn sticker, or scratching an itch, or dealing with things that require some degree of precision that fingertips alone cannot handle, i can understand one may argue in favor of long fingernails. But think about this- how much SHIT have you got stashed up under there? Seriously. I can’t watch people scratching or picking at things without imagining all the gunk and dirt that’s being rammed up under their nail beds. I can’t look at a person with long fingernails without imagining the sheer amount of dirt, and shit, and gunk that’s just trapped there on the tips of their hands.

It’s. Disgusting.

And yes, it’s an irrational response because everyone had germs on their hands, and short fingernails would have their fair share of shit and dirt as well, but the reasoning goes on.

Long fingernails are fucking talons. They are claws. They are animalistic, creepy fucking CLAWS. There is nothing sexy about this. Just terror.

And on the subject of sexy, women with long fingernails are not sexy. More to the point, lesbians with long fingernails are not sexy! I hate it in sexually explicit movies (a.k.a porn) when two girls are getting it on and they have long fingernails. HELL NO! Keep those germ ridden claws off me madame! Especially away from my


The point I’m trying to make is that long fingernails are gross and unattractive.

The reason I bring this up is that as my high school graduation looms, it’s occurred to me I’m going to be sitting in a room, nay at a table, with 17 teenage girls all with brand new razor sharp manicured fingernails. And it’s going to be horrible.


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