The who epiphany

You know what’s amazing?

HOLY SHIT. I’m actually being positive. Completely shockers, i know.

But what’s really amazing is…

Doctor Who.

NERDGASM! Yeah, whatever.

Back story. I’m doing my trial exams at the moment, and in my efforts to put off the dreaded study as much as possible have done the following:

  • Invented a pair of glasses out of a pair of old jam jars and some string.
  • Attempted to flirt online with a guy i met weeks ago at an actor thing
  • Entirely failed in said flirtation
  • Dissected a pair of 3d glasses
  • washed my slippers
  • and I started watching Doctor Who
Now, up until now, i’ve always considered it a bit of a weirdo geeky sci-fi thing, but now I am well and truly one of the converted.
This show is amazing.
It’s brilliant! Considering i’m someone who’s long had a love for that particular brand of intellectual british comedy, i can’t beleive it’s taken me this long to cotton on that this show goes way beyond just sci-fi.
Yes there are aliens and time travel and some of the story lines are so completely improbable it’s hilarious, but beyond that the acting is of an excellent quality, the characters really original and well rounded, the dialogue is outstanding, and it appeals to so many levels of whimsy while making quite interesting comments of ethics and morality.
Overall, just my kind of show.
How it’s taken me so long to have this breakthrough, i don’t know.
Plus, with six seasons to sift through, it’s excellent procrastination material!
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