If you’re ready to dig a hole crawl into it and never look at or speak to another human being ever again…

Clap. Your. Hands.

All I seem to do on this blog is whine. Whatever. I reserve that right. It’s my blog. I shalt whine to mine hearts content.

Today i whine that I am tired.

Scrap that, I’m exhausted.

Thank fuck there’s only a few more days until the holidays.


It’s the same amount of work, the difference is we’re doing it at home.


This sucks.

I hate year twelve. I hate the HSC. I hate it because it takes your emotions and stretches them to the limit, flicks them with pins and expects you to just deal with it.

I’m torn between feeling sentimental about these last few weeks to go, and feeling completely sick to vomit of being at school doing school things. I just want this year to be over.

And then again i don’t. Because I know i’ll miss my friends, and my school, and my year group. I’ll miss having a timetable, and a backpack, and the school bus and a uniform. These are things that are going going and so close to gone. And it’s terrifying.

So being torn between feeling stressed out of my mind about school and feeling overly emotional about the stuff I’m going to miss, all that I’m left with is just tiredness. All the time.


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