Café Etiquette


I work in a café. Before i worked there, i worked in a shop that was a news agents/ grocery store/ motel/ cooking school/ mess hall and yes, a café/ takeaway shop. Before that, i worked in a restaurant.

So I like to believe i know a bit about customer service, and what makes a pleasant customer.

So people, please, be nice to your waiter.
I will always do my best to be polite, cheery, helpful, and quick, and as we are paid to do it i imagine most waiter would, but if your customer has a bad attitude then it’s going to make the dining experience bad for everyone.

Because you don’t want to be nice to someone who is rude. Or who grills you over the menu and looks at you like an idiot when you haven’t sat at home and memorized it. Or who is just plain sleazy, or rolls their eyes, or ignores you, or does that sulking thing.

We don’t have all the answers. Waiting is not a profession, it is a job.

Depending on the level of formality surrounding your eatery, depends on what you should expect from your waiter. The white table cloth and penguin suit places will obviously be more professional, while smaller places with jeans and mis-matched furniture are going to be more casual.

Your waiter is a person, so being unpleasant is just wrong.

And one more note, depending on the size of the place, your waiter may very well be the person making your coffee. You DON’T want them on your bad side. It could mean the difference between the best coffee you’ve ever had, and the worst.


Cia 🙂


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