This infamous spine

That is a lyric from a very cool band. A very cool band called ‘The Wombats’.

Over the past week, i’ve been pretty much constantly in a state of headphones, partly because i’m stressing majorly over school related shiz, but mostly because my re-ignited desire to be in a band has got me hooked on the tunage.

After jamming through the first 1500 songs or so in my collection, i decided it was time to invest in some new tunage.

And so, after scouring through various podcasts and radio broadcasts, here are my three new top picks for abusing the repeat button.

#1- The Wombats.

Now this is a band i already liked, but i hadn’t bothered with their new album since it had way more synth and i wasn’t really interested. But i got around to buying it, and HOLY SHIT am i loving it! Favorite track is definitely ‘Jump Into The Fog’, but i’m also getting into ‘girls and fast cars’. Highly recommended. Buy “This Modern Glitch”- tis tre cool.

#2- Owl Eyes

This singer I discovered, was on that rather shiny talent show a few years back, ‘Australian idol’. Since then she’s grow up, reformed, got a band together and WHAM!
Taking away the shiny glint of idol and you have a girl with a transfixing set of pipes.  The music is lovely, the songs are lovely, the whole thing is just lovely. I also adore their cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’.

#3- Stonefield

This band gave me the chills. I first heard their acoustic set on Triple J, hopped on iTunes and downloaded the ep. It was alright, nothing thrilling but good. Discovering the all girl all aussie all high school age (except for the drummer/lead vocalist) nature of the band was a bit of a kick, but then yesterday, they released two new tracks.
‘Black Water Rising’ and ‘Yes Master’.
Holy. Shit. I was literally just playing them again and again until that initial transfixation wore off. Also look up their cover of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. A. Maze. Ing.

I love it when i find music that is just so exciting and invigorating. I love getting that chill, it’s thrilling.

So that’s all for now. Cia ya’ll.


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