In which Georgie has a rant.

Contains swearing and rageing.


I am pissed off. Why am I pissed of? Because of the influx of fucking idiots that due to the wonder of modern technology, have the capacity to have their fucking idiocy go viral on the internet for other fucking idiots to copy and think is a reeeally fucking great idea.


Fucking. Fucking. Idiots.

I am referring of course (or perhaps not so obviously) to the sudden outbreak of fucking “gossip” groups on facebook. I am referring to the fucking “root-rater” sites, to the stupid groups that alienate people and have no purpose whatsoever but to isolate and reduce people into a few snarky words of cheap, petty, bitching.

At the very best, all that is achieved is the targeted person or people see the funny side, or are able to ignore the whole ordeal completely. At the other end, you have people who are seriously hurt by what’s said, you have defamation lawsuits- these pathetic, pathetic, pathetic people hiding behind their computer screens can have a good old laugh while other take a unprecedented and decidedly low blow.

It’s disgusting. It’s petty and disgusting and it makes me sick.

And the really aggravating thing is that this is not something to get so angry about. The energy and effort that goes into being so riled up over such a graceless and nasty institution just makes me even more angry! I haven’t been a victim of one of these posts- to the best of my knowledge anyway- and I know the whole ‘lighten up it’s just a joke’ argument, the ‘freedom of speech’ argument, but you know what?

Fuck that. Fuck it, because it’s not fucking funny.

And thats just it. It just isn’t funny. One may be led to believe it’s funny, but if you actually think about it (oh my god imagine that actually thinking about things and deciding if they’re funny) it’s not funny.

And its not.

Invading someone’s privacy is not funny. Making generalizations about people is not funny. Giving an unwanted, unnecessary opinion about someone is not funny. And posting it on a public forum for everyone to see is not funny. Not at all.

It’s not nice, it’s not practical, it’s not achieving anything.

It’s just mean. It’s mean and it’s nasty, and it’s shallow and above all it’s totally fucked up.

And i think that’s where my issue with this lies. I am so sick of people being mean to each other. I’m so sick of it!
That sounds cliché and lame, and maybe it is, but why is it so damn hard for people to just tolerate each other. I’m not saying don’t have an opinion, I’m not saying  you have to like everyone, or get along with everyone, or agree with everyone, but for fucks sake is it so fucking hard to not be a douchebag?

So I’m sick of the bitching. Sick of the meanness. Sick of the inability of people to tolerate each other. Sick of being so angry over something so silly. SIck of the influx of fucking idiots.

On facebook, every time i see another one of my friends has liked a gossip page, it makes me upset. it’s just spreading the disease more.

Rant over.


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