In which Georgie talks about teenage angst.


My name is Georgie. My age is seventeen. My location is Australia.

My issue is stress, and my solution is blogging.

One might say that starting a blog now, in the heat of my HSC course is quite a silly thing to do. One might also be a nitwit, but there is some truth there.
The easy answer to the unasked question of why i’m doing this:


The more I can put off the enourmous work load I have, the happier I will be.

In the short term anyway.

The australian High School Certificate is my beef. By that I mean, it’s making me rage. Why? Because as the course drags on and those excruciating few weeks of exams draw ever closer,  one by one my class mates are being picked off like flies.

In the past six months, 3 of my classmates have been diagnosed with depression. These three are the ones who have an official diagnosis, and it concerns me to think how many more there could be.

I think fondly of those times back in year ten and eleven when we all claimed we didn’t care. it’s just the HSC we said. it doesn’t count for anything, we said. In a few years it’ll be all over, so why worry? Why stress?

Then year 12 rolled around, and all of a sudden…

We cared.

It’s the stress, the pressure to do well. Pressure from parents, from peers, but most of all from yourself. You hear these success stories from kids who blitz through the exams and come out on the other end with ridiculously high scores and university prospects.
More frightening though, the kids who work their asses off, who stress and plan and are told all the while not to stress because the work they’ve put in will pay off. And then you get the marks. And it’s just not good enough.

Those are the stories that make you stay up late and rise with the sun to finish that paper, to cram in a few more pages of revision. The ones that make you sweat beads come exam time and feel torn when you get back the results and wonder where those few percentage points went.

My latest and most frightening example is my friend J. J, we said all through year eleven, shouldn’t be counted in class rankings, because it was inevitable she was going to come first. No matter the subject.

We said J was going to be a lawyer, for sure. Or a professor. She could be a doctor if she wanted. She could be anything.

Then year 12 hit. The pressure hit. And now J is one of the 8% of our year group with an official diagnosis.

What happened?

What scares me is that if the best of us can’t make it… what hope do we commoners have?

The HSC is a very stressful time and just saying not to worry isn’t good enough. It doesn’t make the work go away, it doesn’t make the anxiety go away.

All we can do, is cling on, and hope.

On the off chance some high school kids read this, what’s your view of the HSC? Is there too much pressure for something that means so little, or do you disagree? Let me know!

Cia, Georgie.


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